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Shannon Burnett-Gronich

Known as the creator and owner of the exclusive “Million Dollar Rolodex”, Shannon co-authored the best-selling book Law of Business Attraction with T. Harv Eker. Shannon is also the Founder & CEO of Conscious Living Space (CLS), an innovative and cutting-edge company that gets clients maximum exposure!
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Free Press Bootcamp by Shannon Burnett-GronichFrom: Shannon Burnett-Gronich
RE: Free Press Bootcamp™

Dear Friend,

A friend of mine FINALLY talked me into making this information available to everyone for a price so low it's almost crazy.

Allow me to get to the point...

I have successfully attained over 3 MILLION DOLLARS in FREE PRESS! And I'm willing to share it with you - NEED I SAY MORE???

The extremely coveted secrets in "Free Press BootCamp", allow you to become an instant walking library when it comes to knowing the inside tricks of the trade to getting free press.

You'll be exploding your business just like my high-paying clients!

Again, that's over 3 MILLION DOLLARS in FREE PRESS that I received using the EXACT methods that I'll share with you.

Just do me a favor and promise me that you'll only use this for good! It's so powerful, I don't want it in the wrong hands.


The Five Special Keys Guaranteed To Get You Noticed
A Bullet Proof Press Release That Won't Wind Up In The Garbage Like Most Of Them Do
So Many Big Hitter Secrets Of The English Language, It's Practically Unfair!
Six Media Kit Items - Your Promotions Will Be In Vain If You Leave One Of Them Out
Influential Media Contact List - The How's And Why's!
The EXPERT Secret That Makes Your Competition Invisible
Action Steps That Will Turn You Into A Free Press Bruce Lee!

Free Press BootCamp is easily worth MANY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! Imagine what it FEELS LIKE to apply just ONE of my strategies and have $$$ THOUSANDS $$$ of dollars filling your pockets in record time just like my clients!


1988 Nobel Prize Recipient Gives High Acclaim For Free Press BootCamp by Shannon Burnett

Ben Winkler
1988 Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

Shannon is a true pool of wisdom, and her method of sharing comes from such a place of sharing and passion that her messages are learned even deeper than you would expect. She has a gift for helping people to recognize their value and what they have to offer, and provides a road map to taking your business and message on into the world.

Renee Frechette-Speir
Supreme Science Qigong Center

A ton of information. You have to use it to make it work for you. The steps were laid out to have things work for you.


This bootcamp provided me with precise information/tools to create an action base business media kit.

Pat Bell

Best bang for my buck in a long time.

Franchise, Inc

I feel empowered, with direction and purpose to do what needs to be done to improve my business.

Jann Rossbach

The information I learned was invaluable - everything Shannon said sent lightbulbs flying about my head.

Claudia Pastorious

REMINDER: You'll see EXACTLY how I got over $3.17 MILLION DOLLARS in Free Press!


by Shannon Burnett-Gronich

Free Press BootCampLearn Shannon's highly-developed Free Press skills by owning your very own copy of this extremly coveted workbook that is normally only available to attendees at her high-end workshops.

In addition to the workbook, you'll also have the opportunity to have Shannon's classroom style lecture on video that you can watch again and again.

The video is over 40-minutesFree Press Bootcamp by Shannon Burnett long and is jam packed with what you need to know in order to launch your own press release campaign for free!

Normally, Shannon's private Free Press Bootcamp workshops are hundreds of dollars for the minimum package, and you get to add it to your library permanently for a fraction of that price.

VALUE: $297.00





Free Press Bootcamp Communities
& Conscious Marketing Communities

Free Press Boot Camp CommunitiesOur community is a global network of resources to serve as a catalyst for abundance, health, and improved quality of life.

These two groups are your place to find tools and resources for all your marketing needs - including hours of training interviews with experts in marketing, copywriting, social media, public speaking, and more.



Vibrational Language of Prosperity

Permanently Aligning Your Words and Thoughts with Your Passions and Life Purpose

with Paula Langguth Ryan

Paula Langguth Ryan - Vibrational Language of ProsperityYour words are the most powerful tools you have available to destroy or create what you want. Join Prosperity Verbalante and Spiritual Mediator Paula Langguth Ryan and discover how to instantly:

  • Transform your every thought and every word so they're in alignment with what you desire to create
  • Release resistance to learning a new language of abundance and success
  • Awaken your awareness of the language you unconsciously and consciously use
  • Make a powerful transition to raise your vibration
  • Increase your energy and creativity
  • Bring your life purpose and heart's desire into a much stronger physical manifestation

It's all about your language, the words you choose, and the thoughts you're consciously and unconsciously thinking

This 35-minute video presentation and workbook walks you step-by-step through the transformation needed to put you in the flow so you're creating what you truly desire in your life and in the world around you. Discover the secrets that Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Lillian Vernon, and countless others have used in their everyday world to make a difference and leave a legacy that created positive change in the world.

Imagine being so overflowing with joy and love for life that nothing seems impossible. This can be YOUR reality, if you choose to let it be!

In less than 1 hour, you will discover and start putting into place these action steps that will easily and effortlessly begin to reprogram old imbedded messages and create a new permanent alignment with the Universal Flow of Good.



Public Speaking Secrets

The Secret Weapon In Accelerating Your Business

AmondaRose Igoe - 6-Figure Speaking Goddess

Public Speaking Secrets Revealed by AmondaRose IgoeImagine that you just came face to face with the person who can help you achieve your ultimate goal. This is the person you have been waiting to meet. They can help you accelerate your business and get your message to the masses. Could they be the potential client you have dreaming about? Could they hold your financial future in their hands? Are you ready? Are you really ready?

The Problem: Too few people are prepared to deal with such a situation. Most people haven't considered what they would say. They haven't discovered what works and doesn't work. And they haven't prepared something to say or rehearsed saying it. Instead of seizing the opportunity of a lifetime, they just let it walk out the door.

The Solution: In this presentation, AmondaRose Igoe will help you unlock your ability to clearly communicate your product or services with clarity, creativity, and heart. You will be shown how to create, improve, and implement proven strategies to give you the competitive edge every time you attend a networking event, speak to a potential customer, or someone asks you "What do you do?" If you are tired of getting limited results and missing golden opportunities, you need to watch this 91-minute bonus video before it is too late.



BOLD Resilience
for Brand Acceleration

by Donna Anselmo

BOLD Resilience for Brand Acceleration by Donna AnselmoPersonal and business branding emanates from the beliefs behind the branding effort. Learn from Branding Expert Donna Anselmo how to assess, challenge, and integrate the power of beliefs into your branding, your marketing, and your life. (Also read Donna's chapter on Brand Acceleration in Free Press Bootcamp!)

Be among the first to access the new video presentation by Donna Anselmo that teaches you to unleash BOLD POWER. Get the Proven Four-Step BOLD Blueprint that will help transform your thinking and create a strategy for achieving the life of your dreams…at work and at home.

While most people feel "revved up" after reading motivational books or listening to inspirational speakers, their new-found energy generally fades before they ever even attempt to make a change.

That's because they haven't learned how to shift their brain to integrate with their heart's desires and create motivational staying power. This video lets you in on Proven Secrets to stimulate the mind-soul-brain connection and engage your BOLD POWER for success.

Based on the upcoming book BE BOLD, SHE SAID©, author of McGraw-Hill's popular Marketing Demystified, Donna offers a simple yet highly empowering and integrated success strategy. Get the video before this new book hits the stands.

Connect with Donna to align your beliefs and passions with quick, easy-to-implement strategies for adding bold action to your personal and professional repertoire.


BOLD Power Blueprint

by Donna Anselmo

Award-winning author of Marketing Demystified, Donna Anselmo reveals her power up strategies for every economic climate. Learn how to navigate the changing business climate, make research-based marketing decisions and implement actionable cost-effective marketing strategies. 60 minute audio mp3.



Automatically You

Automatically You by Jerry HaywardFor all Free Press Bootcamp book purchasers, you also get a complimentary one (1) year basic membership in Automatically You!

Automatically You is the leader in social media automation.

Market like the pros and still get your other work done by letting Automatically You be your social media assistant.

Our software helps you market your business or organization and keep your social media sites updated, consistent, and fresh by allowing you to schedule and automate a variety of social media activities.

Your 1 year basic membership is included in the download package!



I could obviously charge THOUSANDS
for a course that teaches anyone how I got over 3 Million Dollars in Free Press and it would be underpriced!


I'm a humanitarian at heart and want to make it accessible to entrepreneurs everywhere. Many would easily pay hundreds for this info!


I offer a 8-week telecourse that teaches these skills in a more personal way. Hundreds are willing to pay $997 for this * MIND BLOWING * information; but, like I said, I want EVERYONE to be able to get it that really needs it.


My highly-acclaimed personal coaching isn't offered with this incredibly discounted offer, but you will be putting your hands on my lethal weapon publicity secrets for one crazy low price...



FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP Free Press Bootcamp Discussion Forum & Conscious Marketing Communities Discussion Forum
Vibrational Language of Prosperity
Public Speaking Secrets
BOLD Resilience for Brand Acceleration & Bold Power Blueprint
Automatically You 1 Year Basic Membership


Don't Decide Today -- Take 60
Days To Benefit From Free Press Bootcamp

Get your hands on a copy of Free Press Bootcamp™ right now. Then get comfortable and take some time to read through it. Take a look at each of the sections and see for yourself if this is one of the most simple and innovative books on this subject you have ever seen in your entire life.

And don't rush. You have a full two months to read through and internalize the info and then decide.

If after 60 days, Free Press Bootcamp™ hasn't proven its value as well as giving you a realization of other profound concepts and principles... or if you're unsatisfied for any reason at all, simply write me an e-mail saying so and I'll return your small investment ASAP.

You don't have to explain why and I'm not going to ask any questions. There's no hard feelings. It's no hassle and no problem.

Take that as my promise to you. You have 60 days to check out Free Press Bootcamp™ to see if you too can start getting Press for FREE -- risk free!

Get Your Hands On Free Press Bootcamp™ Now! Plus All The Incredible Bonuses!

Make the decision to begin exploding your business today while it's still fresh on your mind. It will only take a minute to click the button below and follow the directions to download your complete package...'ll be reaping the rewards for years to come!

Click the button below now --
get your hands on Free Press Bootcamp™
now before it slips your mind.

YES! I Want To Get My Hands On
Free Press Bootcamp™ Now Along With All The Other Items Included!

Shannon, I'm ready to begin getting massive exposure to my business by getting on the radio, TV, and in the papers for free!

Give me Free Press Bootcamp™ now so
I can learn the secrets right away.

When I submit my request, I'll get immediate download access to everything.

All For A One-Time Payment Of...

Full Retail Value : $944.00

Only $97!

 Get Free Press now!

Download link will be sent to your e-mail.
Your details will never be shared, period. Just like you, I dislike SPAM with a passion too!
Conscious Living Partnership

To Your Success,

Shannon Burnett

Shannon Burnett signature pic

P.S. Will you do me a favor?

Get Free Press Bootcamp™ right now and read through it. Then decide if it is the most straighforward, simple and obviously powerful system to get Free Press, at ANY price!

Your package is guaranteed to meet even your highest expectations.

P.P.S. Remember, you're not risking a single penny since it is 100% guaranteed!

Free Press

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